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A selection of meats at the Pond Inlet community feast.

A selection of the meats at the Pond Inlet community feast. Some is local, others traded from nearby communities and still other of it was brought to town by a group of local hunters.

Post 3 of 4 |    Suppertime. Bring your own knife. Norman prepares some food for us to try at the Pond Inlet community feast. His favourite combination is raw caribou and aged walrus blubber. He slices the pieces precisely and stacks them together. Norman shows his generosity by sharing just a small piece with me. He knows that the aged walrus – buried for weeks in the summer and then served frozen – is a very strong flavour for newcomers.

My friends tell me that you can only eat some of this food in wintertime because it warms the body so much. 

Certainly the community hall is full of warmth tonight.

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