In the frame

Jennifer Kingsley
May 12, 2017

When you tell a story, especially through social media, there’s an expectation that you put yourself in the frame too. That often means sharing photos of your best days and learning to skip from highlight to highlight – like jumping across elevated points of land on a rainy day, trying to keep your shoes dry. But the larger stories of intention and adventure must also come out. #vanlife isn’t all bikinis and yoga; #tinyhomes can threaten your sanity and marriage. Even the mighty Cory Richards found the courage to open up about the dark side of his climbing life (Thank you, Cory).

When I tell a story, I can only offer you what I experience, so it stands to reason that you should know me, at least a little, to understand the lens you are looking through and make up your own mind about the things I show you. So I need to be in the frame – but only sometimes.

Today, I have two stories I am working on, and they both feel very difficult at the moment. One is a series of images that are important to me. One is an audio documentary about a family I very much want the world to understand. Today is all about the puddles in between those high points of land. I’m right in it, and my shoes are soaked.

Thanks to Eric Guth, my partner in the field, for capturing this #storytelling moment. Deep in the backcountry. Deep in thought.

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Jenny working at the Serpentine Hot Springs in Alaska.