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Reunion in Chukotka

Reunion photo of Eric and Jenny in Chukotka, Russia.

Provideniya, Chukotka. A town that immediately captured my heart. Perhaps you know this feeling, when you arrive somewhere new and foreign, but something about it fits your spirit. Like it has something you’ve been looking for.

Here, our theme is layers. Layers of colour, texture, history, and emotion. The layers you go through when you meet someone for the first time–reaching across cultures and languages, sizing each other up, choosing how much trust to give.

We have been immediately welcomed into people’s homes. We have been hosted, driven, fed, and cared for. When you ask someone for a ride in Chukotka, it means finding a suitable vehicle and driver, finding the time, the weather window … in short, getting a lift is an act of generosity.

The lesson so far is a classic: don’t judge a book by its cover. Do the work to get through the layers.

This photo is our team reunion shot, a tradition we have repeated now in six nations over three years. Teamwork! Chukotka style.

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