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Meet the Elverums

The Elverum Family

Most winters, there’s an iceberg that freezes into the sea ice near the town of Pond Inlet, in Nunavut, at the northern tip of Baffin Island.
It was at that iceberg…

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Explorer’s Journal: Crossing that bridge

Dennis Sinnok scans for wolverine.

The Bering Land Bridge National Preserve represents a much larger story of relationships between different Arctic people and how the north was settled. Though the landscape looks much different now than during the last…

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Transportation, not tourism, in Arctic Iceland

A fish processing plant in Þórshöfn, Iceland.

As shipping patterns change, one town plans to join the emerging supply chain. “Meet the North,” a series that ventures into the lives of some of the 4 million people who call the Arctic home, explores an industrial future in a quiet corner of Iceland…

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Explorer’s Journal: Hockey love in Arctic style

Nina Kautuq goes everywhere with her sealskin Oiler’s bag.

Hockey is popular all over this country, but places like Pond Inlet, at the northern tip of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, are most often associated—for a southern audience at least—with hunting, snowmobiles, and seal meat. Not with the…

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The road tourism forgot

The Melrakkaslétta peninsula in Iceland is a road less travelled.

Amid a mega tourism boom in Iceland – where travellers now outnumber locals four to one – most people skip the northeast corner. When we asked a local in the whale-watching town of Husavik, Iceland, about driving around the Melrakkaslétta peninsula, the answer was clear…

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Meet The North