Our team

This project is all about people: those we meet along the way and those who guide the journey from afar. Meet the team of journalists, photographers, producers, and designers who are lending their talents to this project.

Project lead

Jennifer Kingsley

Jenny_Kingsley is a naturalist and journalist currently working as a field correspondent for Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic. Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, almost exactly halfway to the North Pole, she has traveled for hundreds … read more


Eric Guth

GuthGuth is a photographer and videographer with extensive field experience in remote and polar regions. He is a naturalist with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and … read more


Eva Qamaniq Aariak

Aariak_Eva_sq_cropAariak was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut in 2008 and subsequently chosen as the second Premier of Nunavut under the territory’s consensus government system. She was the fifth woman to … read more

Wade Davis

wadeDavis is Professor of Anthropology and the BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia. Between 1999 and 2013 he served as Explorer-in-Residence at the … read more

Dr. Joe MacInnis

Joe-2005MacInnis was the first person to explore the ocean beneath the ice at the geographic North Pole… read more

Team Members

Dick Miller

Dick Miller sits in front of a large stack of firewood.Dick Miller made his first audio documentary in Iqaluit, Nunavut in 1977 … read more

Sarah Kester

Sarah Kester, digital editorSarah is a digital editor with Metro News and a freelance journalist based in Toronto … read more

Adrian de Smul

Adrian de Smul, web developerAdrian is a developer and product manager currently working as a consultant at McKinsey & Company … read more

Sherwin Arnott

Sherwin Arnott, designer from Pink Sheep Media.Sherwin is the principal designer and a founding partner at Pink Sheep Media … read more