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Flipping around

Penguins in Antarctica.

Flipping it around to the other pole for a sec here – bear with me – it’s World Penguin Day! […]

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A pair of Arctic terns.

We’re sharing stories from the north again starting today, which gives me a chance to celebrate this little bird and […]

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Stormy sea

A formidable wave.

The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, / The furrow followed free; / We were the first that ever […]

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Chairs on the deck of a ship.

Being in Antarctica is the closest I’ll ever come to visiting another planet. We survive only because of the comfort […]

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Team photo

Jenny & Eric in a boat.

Another journey to another part of this planet where I have the privilege of meeting people and asking questions while […]

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Wild ones

A white bird flies over sea ice.

I’ve loved posting some #meetthesouth stories from the Antarctic. We’re headed north again soon, but not before we share a […]

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Four killers whales swimming.

Where are you going today? Who will you meet along the way? 

#meetthenorth #meetthesouth #killerwhales #southernocean #antarctica #antarcticambassadors #whales #ocean […]

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Cracks in a sheet of ice over water.

It’s not a black and white world, no matter what they tell you. Listen for the bigger story. 

#meetthenorth #meetthesouth […]

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Quiet work

Ivan looks for hazards on the National Geographic Explorer.

Keeping watch. Every hour that we travel on the National Geographic Explorer there is at least one person on constant […]

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A penguin separated from its raft of fellow penguins.

I’ve spent the first ten days of this year in relative silence, holding myself slightly apart from the crowd. I […]

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