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Traveling on a zodiac in South Georgia.

Blues and greens, ice and mountains … it’s a peaceful day in Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia. Meet the North and […]

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Get up early

Penguins on South Georgia island.

We are working with National Geographic Expeditions this week to share some words and images from South Georgia. I was […]

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Ice, ocean, petrel

A petrel flies over ice in Antarctica.

Inspired by @jasperdoest ‘s beautiful post today, may you find a little piece of paradise this weekend. Photo by Eric Guth in Antarctica. Ice, […]

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Happy Monday

An iceberg in Antarctica.

“We will fall completely in love with the Earth,” says Thich Nhat Hanh. “When we are in love with someone […]

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Moon over the sea ice in Antartica.

Balance. As the nights get shorter for northerners they begin to lengthen down here in the Antarctic. We’ll see more […]

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Flipping around

Penguins in Antarctica.

Flipping it around to the other pole for a sec here – bear with me – it’s World Penguin Day! […]

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A pair of Arctic terns.

We’re sharing stories from the north again starting today, which gives me a chance to celebrate this little bird and […]

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