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Transported beauty

Sven Lindblad in New York City.

As it turns out, the beauty of the ice can be transported. Zaria Forman has figured out how. Here,Sven Lindblad- […]

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Shedding light

Jenny in Antarctica.

Super treat to travel with Jasper Doest who took this photo of me in Antarctica just a few weeks ago. His work […]

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Powerful history

Modern tupilaks are a re-imagining of an object originally bestowed with the power to kill.

Modern tupilaks bear little resemblance to the originals; in fact, none of the originals exist anymore. Pre-contact, tupilaks were fashioned […]

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History illustrated

Nuka K. Godtfredsen, the creator of a graphic novel series on Greenland's history.

Nuka K. Godtfredsen is the creator of four graphic novels about Greenland’s history from the early Inuit migrations to contact […]

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Zaria Forman

Zaria stands in front of a large pastel drawing of ice

Inspiration lives here. A fabulous visit with artist Zaria Forman left me uplifted and even more in love with ice. It […]

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Meet The North