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The newsletter is out!

A screenshot of the new newsletter.

The latest newsletter is out! This is Eric Guth ‘s shot of West Greenland’s Daytime/Nighttime northern lights. Subscribe and I’ll personally send […]

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Shimmer of green

The aurora borealis behind the tent.

Night time is getting longer and longer. Ice begins to take over the ponds and the snow line creeps down […]

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The aurora on the Finnish side of Lapland, in the Sámi homeland.

From the Finnish side of Lapland, in the Sámi homeland, at -43C, this image comes from our friend @rezphotography. You’ve got […]

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Paradise anyone? Welcome to Serpentine Hot Springs in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Alaska. Yes, this is a real […]

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Array of light

The Aurora Borealis.

Proud to be sponsored by @lindbladexp and posting to their gallery all week (photos from many beautiful places await you there!). […]

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Blazing skies

The Northern Lights.

Goodnight from the land of blazing skies. Many Greenlanders grew up afraid of the aurora. Some children were told that […]

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