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More than fashion

Blue and green dyed sealskin.

Sealskin. Classic Blue is always popular, “Blue goes really well in the seal,” says Great Greenland’s CEO Ditte Sorknæs, but […]

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Heat your feet

A pair of homemade winter boots.

Form meets function. These what you need to survive on the ice. These ‘boots’ are made by Joanna Kunnuk. Some […]

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A closeup on tradition

A closeup of traditional crafting tools.

The handmade tools to make the handmade clothing from the collection of skilled craftsperson Joanna Kunnuk. #meetthenorth #lindbladexpeditions #arctic #clothing […]

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Greenlandic dress for a young child

(Post 4 of 6) This traditional West Greenlandic outfit is over 50 years old. Makka wore it when she was […]

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Tuku tries on a beaded shawl

(Post 5 of 6) Tuku’s mother wore these beads at her wedding. They are part of the traditional West Greenlandic […]

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Tuku takes a picture of herself dressed in traditional clothing

(Post 6 of 6) The evening culminated here. By now it is after 10 pm and we have pulled out […]

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