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Windy silhouette

A roadside hay wagon in Iceland.

Iceland is an Arctic nation too! A tiny piece of this island crosses the Arctic circle making it one of […]

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Lauga in the room where she sleeps during lambing season

(Post 2 of 3) Raising sheep is Lauga’s hobby, and she is darned good at it. This is her room, […]

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Lauga, Eyberg and Jenny sit around the kitchen table

(Post 3 of 3) Before we leave Hraun-Háls, we visit in the kitchen over cake, whipped cream and fresh milk. […]

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Early morning at the barn, Lauga enters the cow shed

(Post 2 of 5) These are Icelandic cows, and each one in this barn has its own name. This is […]

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Eyberg looks up during milking

(Post 3 of 5) “These cows are my friends,” says Eyberg, but that’s not quite what he means. He searches […]

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