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Beauty in the unexpected

Easter colour washrooms in Greenland.

There is something so beautiful about the unexpected, plus these are Easter colours, perfect for this weekend. Welcome to Greenland! Photo […]

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The newsletter is out!

A screenshot of the new newsletter.

The latest newsletter is out! This is Eric Guth ‘s shot of West Greenland’s Daytime/Nighttime northern lights. Subscribe and I’ll personally send […]

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Dear friends

Eva Aariak lights the traditional Inuit lamp to bless our journey.

Each time I begin a new part of this journey, I feel blessed to have friends and mentors who remind […]

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The captain

Captain Leif Skog guides the National Geographic Explorer through polar bear habitat.

Captain Leif Skog, best in the business. He guides the National Geographic Explorer through polar bear habitat — deeper and […]

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Back in action

A map of the north.

Back in action after a long break from the internet up here in Nunavut and Greenland. We’ve been setting our […]

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Meet The North