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Easter in Iqaluit

Buildings in Iqaluit

Easter welcome in Iqaluit with spring sunshine. We have a day here to explore and visit with our good friend […]

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Matthew Nuqingaq offers a big smile and shows off his polar bear claw necklace

(Post 2 of 4) The first thing I noticed at the Baffin Deli was this necklace, and then the guy […]

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Ulu earrings

(Post 3 of 4) Barbra Akoak is a young artist working in Matthew’s studio. She engraved these ulu earrings with […]

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The door of Matthew Nuqingaq's studio

(Post 4 of 4) I met artist Matthew Nuqingaq by chance at the Baffin Deli, where he goes twice a […]

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Paul Idlout at the church in Apex

(Post 2 of 2) Sunday morning at St. Simon’s Mission in Apex, Nunavut. Paul Idlout looks very different than he […]

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