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Traveling on a zodiac in South Georgia.

Blues and greens, ice and mountains … it’s a peaceful day in Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia. Meet the North and […]

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Jenny studying how to speak Russian.

Standing by Provideniya’s “Gateway to the Arctic” sign and studying my Russian lessons. Language is a gateway too. Photo Eric Guth

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The Cockroach

Jenny in a vehicle called The Cockroach.

Come along! Sign up! My next newsletter comes out tomorrow. Previously unreleased photos from Russia, links to new audio stories, […]

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Apple news feed

A screen shot of the national geographic story.

We just found out our digital feature for National Geographic has shown up in an Apple news feed this weekend! […]

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Vikvun, in Russia.

What qualities make someone a good listener? Please send me your ideas on this!! Listening has been the focus of […]

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Small stories

A concert in Iceland.

I started writing again today . “Maybe I can’t see the big picture and maybe that’s okay; the world doesn’t […]

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Letters home

Jenny in Russia in 2017.

Me…Russia, 2017. It’s the last Saturday of the year, and my house is very quiet, which makes it easier for […]

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New year, new ideas

Jenny's library in Ottawa.

Cleaning and culling my Arctic library in prep for some big time writing time this winter. ‘Arctic Dreams’ is so […]

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