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When coal leaves center stage in Longyearbyen

The Store Norske Men's Choir of Longyearbyen.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Longyearbyen evolved from a company town, which was expensive to maintain, into a community that also relies on tourism and a university campus. In 2015, the coal company employed almost 500 people on the island of Spitsbergen…

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Under the ship

The pastor of Svalbard Kirke stands with his arms wide.

Remembering: Warmth and welcome under the votive ship of the Svalbard Kirke. Leif Magne Helgesen shows us around his chosen […]

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Fishbone mining

A miner draws a diagram in the coal dust

Remembering: This is how you remove the coal from the mountain. It’s like fishbones. Tunnel your way in along the […]

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The men's choir sings

(Post 2 of 6) Look at these happy gents and welcome to the Store Norske Mandskor’s annual concert. This is […]

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Espen conducts the men's choir

(Post 3 of 6) Meet Espen Rotevatn – conductor, music teacher, former church organist and the leader of the newly […]

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