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Blue sky forever

Jenny on a zodiak in Antarctica.

Once upon a time in Antarctica, Jamie Coleman took this photograph. It reminds me of the calm days, when you can hear […]

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Dear friends

Eva Aariak lights the traditional Inuit lamp to bless our journey.

Each time I begin a new part of this journey, I feel blessed to have friends and mentors who remind […]

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For the people

Ditte Sorknæs had been CEO of Great Greenland Furhouse for six months when we took this photograph.

“I saw where I could change things and make sealskin more commercially viable,” said Ditte Sorknæs, who had been CEO […]

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Team photo

Jenny & Eric in a boat.

Another journey to another part of this planet where I have the privilege of meeting people and asking questions while […]

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In the eye

Eleanore Pitseolak, the Deputy Mayor of Pond Inlet, Nunavut.

We love introducing you to people – there are so many interesting and beautiful people out there! Here’s a woman […]

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Are you listening?

Thomas Panipakoocho, a young boy, stands smiling.

Everyone has a voice. I write this because “giving voice” is a phrase I’ve heard in relation to our work, […]

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Meet Zoe

Zoe Oopik Elveru in her bedroom.

“Zoe Oopik Elverum. Pond Inlet. I’ve been here my whole life, attended school, never lived anywhere else. I love to […]

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Danish guide Kasper Jæger.

Post 2 of 2. Danish guide Kasper Jæger reflects on his dream to be part of the patrol that travels […]

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