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Happy Monday

An iceberg in Antarctica.

“We will fall completely in love with the Earth,” says Thich Nhat Hanh. “When we are in love with someone […]

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Small stories

A concert in Iceland.

I started writing again today . “Maybe I can’t see the big picture and maybe that’s okay; the world doesn’t […]

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2017 in review

2017 in review

This year … A narwhal blessing in Nunavut An icy dreamscape in Antarctica Our arrival to the herders of Chukotka, […]

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Reflecting on the generosity of the North in New York City.

I’m in New York City, awash in the sensory overload that makes this place an endless wonder. I’ll be speaking […]

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Cracks in a sheet of ice over water.

It’s not a black and white world, no matter what they tell you. Listen for the bigger story. 

#meetthenorth #meetthesouth […]

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A penguin separated from its raft of fellow penguins.

I’ve spent the first ten days of this year in relative silence, holding myself slightly apart from the crowd. I […]

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Spare a moment

A pod of killer whales.

We awoke this morning to dozens of killer whales around our ship – close enough to see them beneath the […]

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Meet The North