Jan Mayen, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Norway

Jennifer Kingsley
July 1, 2015

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Welcome to Jan Mayen. Maybe you’ve never heard of it. This is a Norwegian territory at 71°N, and it’s 500km east of East Greenland, 600km north of Iceland and 1000 km southwest of Svalbard. The island is 54 kms long, and 18 people live here.
On the island you will find: a Norwegian military station, an airstrip (with mini bar), various satellite contraptions, silly road signs, two dogs (Storm and Kuling), umpteen sea birds and enough glacier views and beautiful hill walks to last a lifetime.

Jan Mayen’s north end is dominated by Mr. Beerenberg, a local name for the volcano which dominates the island at 2,277 metres tall.

We asked, “What is your plan if the volcano erupts?” The nurse, Siw Landro, answered, “Take pictures.” We arrived on the National Geographic Explorer and had a stunning and peaceful day here (they had four earthquakes the day before our arrival). The day was made more special by getting to know two Jan Mayen locals.

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The beaches and slopes of Jan Mayen