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The Telegraph recommends Meet the North

2017 Apr 10 |

Check out #12 on this list of “13 Amazing Cruises in the Arctic or Antarctic” (we don’t think they’re listed in order). Travel writer Michael Kerr lists Lindblad Expeditions’ Iceland to West Greenland trip which will feature Meet the North this summer.

Who lives in the Arctic, and what are their lives like? Lindblad Expeditions is seeking to provide answers with a new “Meet the North” project, led by field correspondent Jennifer Kingsley, who is asking each local she meets to introduce her to another.

Lindblad Expeditions is the principal sponsor for Meet the North.

Re:Sound’s “The Cold Show” goes national

2017 Apr 03 |

Spring approaches, but you can still get below zero. Jennifer’s audio story “Arctic Sound Lost and Found” is part of ReSound’s Cold Show, now available nationally through PRX. This show comes from the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Have a listen to these cool segments about cold things.

“Arctic Sound Lost and Found” begins at 24:27.

Apartment613 talks with Meet the North

2017 Feb 27 |

Jenny recently talked with Jacquie Surges from Apartment613 about Meet the North. The two discussed Jenny’s love of the north, why she decided to create the project and how her relationship to the north has changed. Read all about this in Surges’ article here.

“It really is amazing what shows up when you just create space.”

Meet the North goes to New York City

2017 Feb 22 |

One of our wonderful sponsors, Lindblad Expeditions, hosted us in their New York City office for a talk and storytelling session.

Check it out here.

Meet the North on the Iceland Monitor

2016 Sep 24 |

Meet the North is making its way to audiences all over the world. Our BBC story about the northeastern part of Iceland was picked up by the Iceland Monitor.

Check it out here.

Lindblad Expeditions profiles Meet the North

2016 Sep 10 |

One of our wonderful sponsors has recently done a profile on Meet the North. Our project falls under Lindblad Expeditions’ Global Stewardship mandate, under which it’s committed to giving back to the regions and communities it reaches. Learn more about how Lindblad Expeditions is making a difference and check out the Meet the North profile here.

Meet the North in The Ottawa Citizen

2016 Sep 06 |

Jenny recently sat down with The Ottawa Citizen’s Elizabeth Payne to discuss Meet the North. Learn more about Jenny and the inspiration behind the project in Payne’s great article here.

“The north is in the news, but it tends to be about resource extraction, sovereignty, climate change — all really important issues, yet there are four million people who live at or above the Arctic Circle. I became really curious: What about them? What are their stories?”

Sharing what we’ve learned

2016 Jul 26 |

Voyages with elements of Meet the North will sail next year to Greenland and Nunavut aboard the National Geographic Explorer. The ship’s passengers will benefit from the knowledge of our own Jennifer Kingsley, all while witnessing the beauty of the arctic first-hand. More details here.

Find Meet the North on the Huffington Post

2016 Jun 09 |

Several of our stories have been featured on the Huffington Post, and the series is finding a new audience around the world. Meet the North seeks to show the rest of the world what life is like in the Arctic – one introduction at a time. With each new reader comes a new introduction, and we couldn’t be happier that our readership is growing!

Here are just a few of our Huffington Post stories:

A Unique Norwegian Choir is United by Coal as Mining Industry Suffers

A Coal Miner in Norway Dreams of Life Above Ground

Let Them Eat Kelp: Spinning Gold from Seaweed in Greenland

‘Meet the North’: Farming in a Tourism-Dominated Country

Meet the North on The World Post

2016 Mar 10 |

Our Arctic Deeply story about Longyearbyen’s men’s choir has been picked up by The World Post , a partnership of The Huffington Post and the Berggruen Institute.

Same story, different title: “A Unique Norwegian Choir Is United By Coal As Mining Industry Suffers.”