Jennifer Kingsley
July 19, 2015

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Sunday morning at St. Simon’s Mission in Apex, Nunavut. Paul Idlout looks very different than he did yesterday where I met him at the park (see the last post). Paul was a pastor who worked in several communities. What he didn’t mention, but others did, is that in 1996 he became the first Inuk bishop in the world.

This little church had nine people in it this morning, including me. A visiting pastor from northern Ireland gave the sermon, and Abigail, who serves at the church, translated it. The rest of the service, including the first hymn to the tune of Danny Boy, was in Inuktitut.

For me, this week in Iqaluit, which I expected to spend in Cape Dorset, has been about contrasts and about the kindness of strangers – which the north is famous for.

As for the weather, the cold fog has yielded to a bright sky a few days running.

Paul Idlout at the church in Apex