Jennifer Kingsley
August 18, 2015

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We arrived at the elder hostel in time for a small birthday party. The cakes were fantastic, and our hostess, Emelia Lennert, greeted us with smile.

Emelia had to leave her home just a few months ago after breaking her leg. She’s 84.

Emelia was an elected official for 34 years. She worked as a councilor and became the mayor of her home town, Sisimiut. She also worked in the parliament in the capital city of Nuuk. “Before it was hard for women. They didn’t want to run for elections because of having children. But now it is easier because of kindergartens and such. Men and women should be equal. I’m glad more women are going for politics.” Emelia recommended that I go and visit the current mayor of Sisimiut. I hope I can do that on my next visit.

Greenlandic interpretation by @tukummis.

Coffee and cake with Emelia Lennert in Sisimiut