Business school, Sisimiut, Greenland

Jennifer Kingsley
August 19, 2015

“Maki” Ulrik Lybert. “If you want to survive in Greenland, you have to be able to do everything.” So this teacher became an entrepreneur. He’s banking it all on seaweed.

It’s pure; it’s simple; it’s healthy . . . and it’s all over the place.

Maki takes his boat out, drags the kelp up using an anchor, pulls it in, and brings it here to dry. It loses more than 90% of its weight hanging on these lines. Then he sorts it, cuts it, and sells it.

He is learning it all from elders and the internet: which types are best for what?

According to Maki, “It’s simple, but it’s really hard work.”

Maki in his seaweed facility drying seaweed