Jennifer Kingsley
September 12, 2015

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“When I will die, I want to be cremated and to have my ashes spread here.” Guðbjörg Finnbogadóttir has brought us to the canyon on her farm. We never expected something so beautiful. “Growing up in this place, a belief in elves and trolls was really great.” As a girl, Guðbjörg talked to the elves. She would even bring them waffles, which would disappear by the next day.

In those days, Guðbjörg’s brothers would piggyback her in here so they could go swimming. Now, she comes on her own to think or to listen to music. She has traveled to some other countries but says that “Nature here is so pure. It’s fresh.”

Photo by Eric Guth.

Guðbjörg Finnbogadóttir shows us her backyard canyon