Jennifer Kingsley
September 19, 2015

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“Arctic Henge is my hobby,” says Erlingur.

Several of the large arches in this model are already standing, but he’ll need 1.5 million dollars to complete the rest, including the Polar Star Pointer, Throne of the Sun, Water & Fire and the Beam Salon.

The big idea also includes a stone circle that represents 72 dwarves which correspond to different dates during the calendar year, and Erlingur can tell you your birthday dwarf. (I am the Surprise Dwarf which brings the unexpected, Eric is the Christmas Baby Dwarf which brings hope.) It’s ambitious, creative and rooted in a desire to put this town on the map. But is Erlingur a business man? “No. I wouldn’t be here if I was a business man.” Arctic Henge has already been in the works for several years, but the idea still sounds fresh. Before we leave in the morning, Erlingur – who runs the municipal hotel in town – reminds us: “What has never happened before, can always happen again.”

Photo by Eric Guth.

Erlingur shows off the model of Arctic Henge