Arctic Henge, Raufarhöfn, Iceland

Jennifer Kingsley
September 19, 2015

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Late night, thick fog, and we are still on the road less traveled around northeastern Iceland. We have no place to stay, and now we can hardly see. The lights of Raufarhöfn draw us in, and we find ourselves here.

This structure is the brain child of Erlingur B. Thoroddsen. It’s called Arctic Henge and it’s his dream to “make the midnight sun more effective than anywhere else in Iceland.” He wants to bring people to his community, which doesn’t see a lot of tourism. Iceland gets about 1.3 million tourists per year these days, but Erlingur says, “If we can get 12,000, we are happy.” This is one way, and it’s only part of the story.

Photo shoot: 1 a.m.

Photo by Eric Guth.

The impressive arches of Arctic Henge lit up at night