Arctic Iceland, Akureyri, Iceland

Jennifer Kingsley
September 17, 2015

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Most Icelanders identify more with Europe than they do with the Arctic, and you don’t have to look far to see that connection. This photograph is from the main street of Akureyri where many windows are full of Nordic clothing and all things Viking.

You have to search a little deeper for the Arctic connection, but it’s there. Iceland has a tiny bit of land above the Arctic Circle, and it’s a member state of the Arctic Council.

Arctic issues have bearing here, including shipping, climate change, oil, fisheries, and search and rescue.

We want to see Iceland through an Arctic lens, and our next connection, Embla Oddsdóttir is the perfect link. (Margrét, from our last posts, is her mother).

Photo by Eric Guth.

Viking figurines line the window of a gift shop