Jennifer Kingsley
September 14, 2015

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These are Icelandic cows, and each one in this barn has its own name. This is just one clue to the care they receive here, another is the yield. The average milk production for an Icelandic dairy cow is 5400 litres/year; these ladies give 7700 litres/year. “They have hay and very good hay and lots of it,” says Eyberg, but the more I see the care and love that goes into his work, the more I understand.

Eyberg and Lauga have been farmers all their lives. They have known each other since they were children and lived on this farm together for about 30 years.

Time passes smoothly here. Eyberg: “We have milking at seven in the morning and seven in the evening and other than that time is easy.” They make it look easy.

Photo by Eric Guth.

Early morning at the barn, Lauga enters the cow shed