Fish, Fish, Fish, Þorshöfn, Iceland (September 19, 2015)

Jennifer Kingsley
September 19, 2015

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We’ve made it to Þorshöfn in Iceland’s northeast corner, and we’ve left the tourist shops behind.

This community survives on fish, and the first step is to take them out of the sea. Elsewhere, we’ve seen men hand-baiting their long lines, but not here.

The Sigurður was brand new in July 2014. Built in Turkey and built with style. 89 metres long, 9 metre draft, 6000 horse power . . . and she can carry 4700 tonnes of fish.

Last week, the crew of 10 caught 620 tonnes of herring in 26 hours, and yes, that’s a lot of fish.
The first mate takes us aboard.

Photo Eric Guth

Sigurdur - a new trawler