InnSæi, Snæsfellsnes, Iceland

Jennifer Kingsley
September 13, 2015

I met an inspiring person in Reykjavik named Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir. She is a filmmaker and a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, and she was referred to me by colleagues at Lindblad Expeditions.

When we met, we talked about her upcoming film about intuition called “Innsæi,“ which means the sea within.

Intuition was the perfect topic to begin my exploration of Iceland through #meethenorth. This project is about letting one person lead to the next, which requires patience, trust and a good measure of gut feeling. “Innsæi is the sea within and to see from the inside out,” Hrund said. She recommended that we head to the Snæsfellsnes peninsula. “Stand on the coast somewhere with your stomach there and feel it.“ This picture is the result of this homework assignment. We spent a long afternoon exploring this waterfall, including the cliffs above and the blueberry patch below. It was my opportunity to fully arrive here and to remember what Hrund told me: “Iceland to me is first and foremost the nature. It`s everything we have here, in a way.”

Photo by Eric Guth.

A waterfall on the Snæsfellsnes peninsula