Jennifer Kingsley
September 12, 2015

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Jón Marteinn Finnbogason is the youngest son of the six siblings from Minni-Mástunga farm, and he will keep the business going, even though times are changing. “People don’t eat lamb anymore. They eat all this American shit.” You can only get fresh lamb in fall, and Icelandic lamb is, according to many Icelanders, the best there is. Jón’s family farm has 3000 acres, but that doesn’t include the communal highlands where the sheep graze for the summer.

For now, Jón works on a commercial trawler to help “pay the farming,” but even if there isn’t much money in sheep these days, he wouldn’t give it up. “I’ve been born and raised with it, and it’s so nourishing. It’s the most nourishing thing I’ve ever done. It’s about working really hard and seeing how everything blossoms from that.” Here, Jón takes a break before his family drive the sheep back to the farm, seven kilometers up the valley.

Photo by Eric Guth.

Jón Marteinn Finnbogason is a fisherman and a farmer