Everybody should have a photographer

Jennifer Kingsley
November 26, 2015

Photographers. #meetthenorth has been very fortunate in this department. Look at this face! (And how much he can eat.) Tips for working with Eric Guth. He needs (1) enough coffee (2) enough sleep (3) enough food – in that order. (I might be projecting on #3.)

It starts with the outstanding photography rooted in story, listening, and respect.

From there: being game for anything, eating broccoli sandwiches, trust, making sure we always have a place to sleep. I’m lucky to have this wingman.

On Thanksgiving Day down in America: thank you.

The talent doesn’t end there. Krista Rossow, Ralph Lee Hopkins, Rich Reid, Brent Stephenson, David Cothran: thank you for your support. Keep clicking those shutters and showing us the world.

Eric Guth in Svalbard