Meet the North, we’ve only just begun

Jennifer Kingsley
November 12, 2015

Meet the North is a project about the lives of northerners from Svalbard to Greenland, Iceland, the Canadian Arctic, and beyond.

We listen and learn from the four million people who call the top of the world their home; we believe that their stories are an essential and often forgotten part of a land that is commanding the world’s attention more than ever before.

This project gets direction from northerners. Their ideas set our path. By meeting one person at a time, and by asking that person to introduce us to someone new, we are getting to know the Arctic community, and we are sharing our journey with you. It has been a great year. Thank you for being with us and stay tuned.

Join the adventure at #meetthenorth and by following @meetthenorth. Please share your northern stories and introduce us to someone.

This project is made possible with the support of Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic.

Photo Eric Guth

Meet the North written in the black sand beach of southern Iceland