Jennifer Kingsley becomes RCGS Fellow

A table set at the RCGS Annual dinner

On November 18th, 2015, Jennifer Kingsley became a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. The Society’s annual dinner at the Canadian Museum of History had a few unforgettable moments with very cool Canadians: listening to James Keelaghan live, hearing Wade Davis speak about Survival, and experiencing a musical performance by Margaret Atwood. (Yes, that Margaret Atwood.) She sang a hit by the Arrogant Worms . . . in both official languages.

Here’s a bit about the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and it’s Fellows:

“Canada itself, diverse in geographical regions and communities, is reflected in The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s College of Fellows. So, too, have the Fellows always embodied the longstanding values and tenets of the RCGS: the determination to build, courage to explore and steadfast love of country.

The first Fellows were named in the years after 1929.

It was an auspicious start, and the College’s ranks would continue to be bolstered by many of Canada’s foremost geographers, scientists and artists, anthropologists, soldiers, business leaders, historians and educators of all kinds, from school teachers to university presidents.

The College, the voting body of the Society, elects the President and other members of the Board of Governors, as well as new Fellows. As ever, the Society’s Fellows work determinedly to expand geographical knowledge and literacy across the nation. By doing so they raise the profile of the RCGS and its important educational, research and expeditions programs. They also provide guidance and financial support, both of which are crucial to the non-profit organization.”