Welcome memories, Minni-Mástanga Farm, Iceland

Jennifer Kingsley
November 11, 2015

Iceland memories:

It was getting late at the Minni-Mástanga farmhouse. We’d spent the day driving sheep home from the oldest sheep pens in Iceland. We’d spent the evening sharing a meal with the whole family (parents, six kids, grandkids and more).

The only person we didn’t really talk with was this guy, Vilhjálmur Guðmundsson, eldest of the six.

At 10pm, as we were getting ready to leave, he pulled us into the kitchen. Without much preamble, he told us, “I love line dancing.” He didn’t even need a soundtrack to show off his moves. In the quiet kitchen, with the warm house protecting us from a rainy night, he took us through some routines. Some he’d learned, some he’d invented.

Welcome to Iceland, Texas style. This place is full of surprises.

Photo Eric Guth

Late night line dancing at Minni-Mastanga farm