Zaria Forman

Jennifer Kingsley
February 19, 2016

Inspiration lives here. A fabulous visit with artist Zaria Forman left me uplifted and even more in love with ice. It was so special to see this pastel iceberg come to life on a wall in New York City but even more special to learn from the talent, focus, commitment and vision of the artist herself.

I’ve been thinking about art and the artist’s life ever since. The act of creating. Seeing what others don’t. Perseverance.

Also, how do we share our stories with others? How do we become so connected to places far away?

Zaria draws from the ice and waters of Antarctica, Greenland, the Maldives, and beyond.

I didn’t expect to Meet the North in Brooklyn, but there it was. For a refreshing dose of integrity and beauty: follow @zarialynn on Instagram.

Zaria stands in front of a large pastel drawing of ice