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Valgeir - a part-time resident of Flatey Island.

Valgeir shares an inherited home on Flatey Island with 11 of his relatives - all descendants of his late grandparents.

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Valgeir’s grandparents lived here on Flatey in Iceland. The family still owns the house but it’s now shared between 11 groups of descendants. So Valgeir can come every 11 weeks, and today he’s got a propeller to fix. In June, the extended family comes together and heads off to the small islands nearby which are also part of their property. By gathering eider down from these islands and selling it, they can pay for the upkeep of the houses. Between 16 and 17 kilos of down takes a lot of time to gather, but Valgeir tells me it’s great fun. And it keeps the family connected to the land.

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