Meet Haukur

Jennifer Kingsley
July 31, 2016

Post 1 of 2. Meet Haukur Orri. He’s 16, and he plays a mean accordion even though he only started a year ago. In this photo he’s dressed up for his summer job at the Siglufjordur Herring Museum in northern Iceland. In a historical re-enactment of the herring days he dances and sings with the other actors, many of whom worked the real herring tables until the fishery collapsed in 1968.

Haukur’s great grandfather was – in Haukur’s words – a player. “He came here and he made my great grandmother pregnant so he had to stay.” The family has been here ever since and this young man has no plans to leave. He wants the small town life.

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Haukur Orri poses in his costume at the Siglufjordur Herring Museum.