Jennifer Kingsley
July 31, 2016

Post 2 of 2. Haukur loves his town. “I’m not leaving,” he says, “When I got to Reykjavik I’m like a lunatic when I come home.” It’s too busy for him in Iceland’s big city. Many small towns here have to contend with young people leaving for an urban life, just like many countries around the world.

Haukur is bucking the trend. “I want to be here. This is my place.” He has horses and loves to walk and ski in the mountains. When it comes time to find an adult job, he’s confident he’ll figure something out. “I mostly have friends who want to stay,” he explains. He figures that 60% of young people want to stay, but the 40% who want to leave are much louder. “You hear them much more.”

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Haukur Orri poses in front of a shelf filled with skis.