Reflection in Latrabjarg

Jennifer Kingsley
July 14, 2016

Before breakfast. Latrabjarg. Iceland.
Some of you have been asking me to write more about my own experience of the north, and others have urged me to stay out of the frame. I’ve given this a lot of thought.

I’m drawn to this work because I like to listen and observe. I’m less inclined to broadcast my own reflections, but you have helped me reconsider this. First person journalism must be partly about sharing yourself. For starters, it helps you be accountable; plus, your readers deserve to know something about the lens they are looking through.

This journey around the pole is turning out to be a powerful one. I’m getting up close with ideas that challenge me and show me my own prejudices and preconceptions – the very things this project wants to dismantle.
So okay. I’ll give it a shot. Their stories . . . and a little bit more of mine. Of ours.

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Lush, green cliffs.