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Same scene, different meaning

Ole Gamst-Pederson in his home.

Ole Gamst-Pederson poses in front of a painting in his home.

Post 2 of 2. “This one is by a Danish guy . . . He made the forest, and then one day his Greenlandic wife phoned him and said, ‘Is it okay that I have been making some icebergs on your forest?’ And he said, ‘Well, yes’, and so it was. They are living in Denmark and for them the story has something to do with global warming, but for my wife and I, we call it the split between living in Denmark or living in Greenland. That is what it means for us because we feel at home in both places. So it has nothing to do with global warming for us.”

Ole Gamst-Pedersen at home in Ilulissat, Greenland. He is the curator of the local art museum.

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