Feed the flames

Jennifer Kingsley
November 8, 2016

An idea persists that we’re standing at the edge of something, dipping our toes in the water, looking out into the river and wondering how far in we should wade. Look around. This is it: mid-stream, mid-current, mid-flow. This is the river.

When we fixate on the future, we escape the now. And when it comes to the north, I have seen people and their lands overlooked over and over in favour of predictions and projections. This is common in narratives of climate change. We see graphs, ships, ice or polar bears instead of people. All of these alternatives to looking ourselves in the eye.

So why this photo? A bonfire explodes in northern Iceland after party goers feed the flames with buckets full of diesel fuel. The theme today is feeding the flames. Making fires bigger and divisions deeper. Today it seems that everything I read is either about climate change or the U.S. election. And this photograph fits nicely with both of those.

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A local feeds a bonfire with diesel fuel in northern Iceland.