Meet Zoe

Jennifer Kingsley
November 17, 2016

“Zoe Oopik Elverum. Pond Inlet. I’ve been here my whole life, attended school, never lived anywhere else. I love to be called a nerd, to me nerd stands for Not Even Remotely Dorky. I’m also the Vice President of Nasivvik Student Council, so that’s pretty awesome. I write songs of what I feel, and I also like to sing along to songs. Taylor Swift is one of my favourites. I absolutely love Star Wars; I collect action figures from Episode 7. Star Wars is awesome.

I don’t say – blah – I have dwarfism. Like I would say it, but I’m not like . . . I’m like everyone else. Yeah, I know I’m smaller than everyone, but there are advantages to being smaller. I’m Zoe. To me I’m just me.” You’ll be hearing more from Zoe.

Portrait by @eric_guth

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Zoe Oopik Elveru in her bedroom.