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Meet Zoe

Zoe Oopik Elveru in her bedroom.

Zoe Oopik Elveru poses amid her Taylor Swift memorabilia in her room.

“Zoe Oopik Elverum. Pond Inlet. I’ve been here my whole life, attended school, never lived anywhere else. I love to be called a nerd, to me nerd stands for Not Even Remotely Dorky. I’m also the Vice President of Nasivvik Student Council, so that’s pretty awesome. I write songs of what I feel, and I also like to sing along to songs. Taylor Swift is one of my favourites. I absolutely love Star Wars; I collect action figures from Episode 7. Star Wars is awesome.

I don’t say – blah – I have dwarfism. Like I would say it, but I’m not like . . . I’m like everyone else. Yeah, I know I’m smaller than everyone, but there are advantages to being smaller. I’m Zoe. To me I’m just me.” You’ll be hearing more from Zoe.

Portrait by @eric_guth

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