Jennifer Kingsley
November 10, 2016

Post 2 of 2. Danish guide Kasper Jæger reflects on his dream to be part of the patrol that travels East Greenland by dog team: “I’m very proud of my friends who are able to do this as a patrolman. What they are getting up here is an experience for life. My little part of history is to show this place to my guests and my colleagues. And I love that part, and of course I get a bit emotional when I see that it’s my childhood friend that have signed the book in March and they came here with dog teams and they were here all alone and it was -40 degrees and so on. So it is exciting but bittersweet as well, I guess so.

They don’t want me because of my personality. I’m too extrovert to become a patrol member.
Let’s leave this place, as we found it. If I don’t leave it properly, one of my friends might phone me in winter and say that I didn’t leave his cabin properly. I’ll be in big trouble.”

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Danish guide Kasper Jæger.