Passion and patriotism

Jennifer Kingsley
November 10, 2016

Post 1 of 2. Immersed in my North American context today and writing from Canada, where decisions south of the border loom as large as ever. I’m thinking about passion and patriotism, which take many forms. Here, Danish guide Kasper Jæger sits outside at his beloved Myggbukta, an old radio station in Northeast Greenland. “For us, Myggbukta station is just as important for the history of East Greenland as the pyramids are for Egypt. I’m very excited, and I’m a little emotional even. It’s a very important place to me.” Important for its history and its status as a shelter for the Danish Sirius patrol, a group of men who protect Danish sovereignty in Greenland to this day. Myggbukta station is also a symbol of Kasper’s dreams to be a patrolman himself.

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Kasper Jæger outside an old radio station in Northeast Greenland.