Rest in routine

Jennifer Kingsley
December 1, 2016

Thirty days ago, we embarked on November, which is usually my least favourite time of year. To heck with that, I said, this time it will be different. So . . . was it? It was. I stayed home the entire month, and I set a routine. This was a change for me, but it was through normal activities in my neighbourhood that I found rest after a year on the road. (Early morning tasks, a walk at lunch, dishes, seeing the neighbours)

Why this photo? Because even this gorgeous scene can be part of a routine. It’s the local iceberg where people go to collect ice for tea water. It’s like a walk at lunch, only way cooler.

I also chose this photo because tomorrow we hit December. To me, that means winter and all of the beauty that comes with it. I’m grateful for November, but I’m ready to turn the page. What are the routines you love?

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An iceberg on Baffin Island.