A sunny disposition

Jennifer Kingsley
December 18, 2016

Adele Jackson is an artist and also the base leader at Port Lockroy in Antarctica. This image is what Adele calls a Solargram – it’s a record of an entire Antarctic summer as seen through the tiny aperture of a pinhole camera. One photograph that took three months to create.

Adele has made cameras from metal cans and photographic paper, and she’s hung them around the tiny island where she lives as manager of Port Lockroy museum and shop run by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust. In the resulting image, the sun draws one line of light for each day that it shines down on the southern continent. “The environment itself creates the artwork,” says Adele. “The idea of catching a trace of the sun just feels really in keeping with the heritage and scientific history of this place, there is a very nice link there.” A Solargram captures a blink of time and says: “This is the earth turning. These were the days that you were here, in Antarctica. Captured for immortality.”

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Adele Jackson displays one of her solargrams.