Meet Magnus

Jennifer Kingsley
February 7, 2017

Magnus Salvarsson is a fifth generation islander here on Vigur in Iceland. It’s a tiny place, 2kms long by 400m wide, but it’s teeming with life from sheep to eiders to (more recently) tourists. Magnus loves to be here and help with the family businesses – which include sheep, eiders, and tourists – but he wouldn’t want to live here again. “I don’t have the stomach or the heart for that.” As a kid, he would take a tiny boat to school, “You were always wet when you came to school. It was okay for me, but not for my kids.” Magnus started out as a carpenter, but he got tendonitis at 28, so he became a lawyer. He’s married with two kids now and lives in town. Here he’s wielding a puffin net, still used by Icelanders who fancy puffin for supper.

As for living on Vigur in his youth: “For a girlfriend, that was totally impossible.”

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Magnus Salvarsson sits with a puffin net.