Arriving over the Bering Strait

Jennifer Kingsley
September 12, 2017

We made it!! We had a spectacular flight across the Bering Strait and we are now through our first week in Chukotka. Thank you all for the well wishes.

The weather was perfect for our crossing, and our pilot made some extra loops over Alaska just for us. Twenty minutes into our one hour flight we could make out the coast of mainland Russia. This is our home for the next six weeks, and what a place! The mountains look like ceramics, the ocean is full of life, and the layers of history have our heads spinning.

We won’t be able to post much, but we are here and safe and learning heaps every day thanks to the hospitality of those around us.

Arriving over the Bering Strait.

Photo by Eric Guth


Flying over the Bering Strait on the way to Russia.