Sneak peak from the tundra

Jennifer Kingsley
September 22, 2017

A sneak peak from our time on the tundra with Chukchi reindeer herders. We just got back ‘home’ to our Chukotka apartment, and we are sifting through the photographs, interviews, and stories … which become memories all too quickly.

Picture a stream of thousands of animals pouring out across the tundra. Now moving apart, then back together, maybe towards camp or into a river valley with the whistles and shout of their herders guiding them forward.

This is a world between worlds, so far east, always moving, rooted in indigenous tradition and then formed and reformed by layers of history.

A place where men and women drink tea by the fire, fry bread, watch the weather, and tend the herd together.

More to come.

Photo by Eric Guth.

Reindeer on the tundra in Russia.