Grit behind the scenes

Jennifer Kingsley
October 12, 2017

Office time can happen anywhere. And hey, at least here I can do some ironing.

Mostly, I tell you about the action, sometimes the emotion, rarely the straight-up behind-the-scenes, office-style elbow grease to make it all happen.

I’ve just spent an hour writing about that stuff, and it’s just too boring to share, so I’ll move on to the important part: finding people who can boost the flame when it runs low.

Today I’m in a small hotel room in a high rise in Yakutsk, Russia. I’ll eat instant oatmeal for breakfast and then go out to interview a wrestler, visit an ice cave, and go to the opera. Somewhere else in this world, @bywebbie is drawing her next masterpiece, @mayasantangelo is jumping into the ocean, and @paperinkpassports is building her dream business. I remember them, and others, when I need a boost.

Their photos, like ours, make it all look pretty–the silent agreement we make here on social media–but I want you to know that behind the scenes there is serious grit.

Photo by Eric Guth.

Jenny works on her computer in a hotel room in Russia.