Happy birthday, National Geographic

Jennifer Kingsley
January 13, 2018

Today, National Geographic turns 130; as a National Geographic Explorer I’m proud to celebrate!

The National Geographic Society funded my work in Russia’s Far East this past fall, and I had the privilege of interviewing dozens of people to learn about modern Arctic culture in one of the north’s least known regions.

For many of us, this part of the world seems dark and unknowable, but there are bright, multi-coloured lights inside those windows. So many!

Listening with compassion led me to diverse stories within the homes of so many people from whale hunters to journalists to reindeer herders and musicians.

May we, whatever kinds of explorers we are, continue to shine our lights into dark corners.

Photo by my friend and partner in the field Eric Guth

Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Expeditions will be here in 2019.

An apartment building in Russia.